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Understanding Confidentiality and Voluntary Services

Some of the most frequent questions asked about the EAP is regarding the employee's privacy.  Specifically, does the EAP staff report the employee’s use of its services?  The general answer is NO.

When you voluntarily seek services from the EAP, your participation is confidential and no information is given by the EAP to anyone, including your manager and family, unless you give written permission. Even your visit date and time cannot be disclosed without your signed release. The only exceptions are those required by law (e.g., child or elder abuse or neglect, situations where there may be a threat of imminent harm to self or others).  Additionally, there are exclusions when you are required to attend EAP for an assessment (i.e., Fitness for Duty evaluation or to safeguard national security). All of our psychologists are licensed in the state of California, therefore, each is legally bound by the laws of confidentiality.

Confidentiality FAQs

If you are mandated as a Fitness for Duty referral to attend the EAP, an alternate Consent Form is used which allows EAP to communicate with your referring manager re: your attendance at EAP, compliance with treatment, work accommodations, and restrictions. This information is explained to you at the onset of your counseling visit. The appointment will not proceed if there are questions or concerns about the limits to your confidentiality. No information is disclosed about your diagnosis or details given about additional treatment that may be recommended.

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