Crisis and Grief Response

Hand stopping dominoes from falling.

LLNL’s on-site EAP psychologists are available to provide on-site response, education, and support for managers and employees who have been impacted by an unexpected event (e.g. an earthquake, workplace violence or accident), or by the death of a co-worker or their co-worker’s family.

Services Provided:

  • Assessment/Consultations—Conducted with Managers and Supervisors to assist with determining how to best support their employees
  • Grief Groups— To provide education and support to a work group impacted by the death of a co-worker
  • One on one counseling

Grief/Crisis Reactions:

Acute stress impacts people in different ways. Reactions to an event may be immediate (at the time of the incident) or delayed by hours, days, or weeks. Normal responses to an event can include strong physical and psychological reactions and have the potential to interfere with social or occupational functioning. The following normal reactions may occur:

  • Physical—Fatigue, nausea, headaches, changes in eating and/or sleeping patterns, digestive problems, tremors
  • Cognitive—Confusion, poor concentration, memory loss, difficulty making decisions, intrusive thoughts, disorientation, decreased attention span and poor problem solving
  • Behavioral—Crying/tearfulness, withdrawal/isolation, prolonged silences, hypervigilance, decreased personal hygiene, excessive alcohol and/or drug use
  • Emotional—Anxiety/fear, anger, guilt, irritability, emotional numbness, sadness, feeling helpless, hopeless or overwhelmed

People sort out feelings about stressful situations in different ways. Some need privacy while others benefit from discussing the event in a group setting.

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