Manager and Supervisor Services

Consultation. EAP psychologists can confidentially assist managers, supervisors, colleagues, or co-workers concerned about another’s work or personal situation.

Return to Work. Employees returning to work following a five (5) or more day leave of absence or disability for stress and/or psychological related issues need to have an evaluation at the EAP before returning to work to determine their readiness to return to work and to learn about additional support services.

Grief and Loss in the Workplace. The impact of losing a colleague or family member often has a traumatic effect on the surviving friends and coworkers. The EAP provides confidential grief groups and education for employees when a loss has occurred.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations. This evaluation is a thorough assessment of an employee’s physical and mental ability to perform job duties in a safe manner that may include medical, neurological, and/or  psychological  evaluation.

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